Saturday, January 24, 2009


Taking trips down memory lane can be a different experience for most people, for me recently it was a very overwhelming and emotional one. Maybe it's because I'm about to turn yet another year older next week, or maybe because wanting to spend more time with fam and friends is always much easier said than done, or it could be because its just been a long time since I've dug in the crates...but whatever the case is, I got allll warm and fuzzy inside looking deeper into what type of lil girl I was and how I was raised. I suppose its one of those humble feelings in which you realize how far you've come, how further you want to go, and you find the relations and ironies in where you've been.

I know for sure dressing me up was one of my mom's fav things to do and being surrounded by all her girlfriends and godmothers as a child, they began to bring out the dive in me. Turns out I was always center stage, bright, and destined to do what is I do. Toot Toot. :) My mother went to the High School of Fashion Industries, but after getting news of me being on the way, she had to put her fashionable dreams aside at a young age and raise a child. Around the age of 7, I began finding all her sketches and portfolios from where she left off and was mesmerized. She started taking me to local brooklyn fabric shops and I was hand-sewing lil patches for my dolls for days on end. I grew up knowing I wanted to go to the same school and continue on that legacy of style, glam, creativity and inspiration.

...Now here I am decades later with a growing business. custom designing and styling, and sharing the inspirations with you...What do ya know.

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