Monday, June 8, 2009


Sooooooo, where do I begin!

OK - the blog. I have been working day and night during whatever free time I have, to catch up on the blog to clear up the tech difficulties. Believe it or not, I have spent hours and hours browsing thru earlier posts deleting all the misc stuff I feel you..and I, can now do without. Having said that, when I went to post new images, I was still getting a promt that said I've exceeded my upload quota! ARrrrggggh! Now - who do I have to slap???

Soooo temporary Quick Fix Solution #1 - I'VE STARTED A NEW BLOG!! Yess!! And it's called SPANDEX + CHAOS. (You know there is so much fun to follow this name!) But this one is only for lifestyle purposes. All the party pics (that I know I tend to post in large quantities), leisure, music, art, event promos, etc etc. So tune in HERE for the latest on the social tour!! I've needed a few drinks over the past week to keep me sane thru it all...

Ideally I will still have this blog to keep focused on the visual inspirations, design developments, and so on and so forth...

Temporary Quick Fix Solution #2 - BUTCHDIVA.COM!!! I own it! But wait, DON'T go all rushing there at once! is currently raw + under construction... but rest assured it's being worked on as we speak and you will soon be able to catch up on the blog, the latest trends and happenings, event galleries, + even shop!! all via the website! And all these blogger terms + conditions will then be a thing of the past!!! Can I get an AMEN!

Upcoming Events - BUTCH DIVA Model call!!!! June 19th!!! Stay tuned in HERE for further details to come!! Just note this model call is a big deal! You've been asking, and now here is your chance! It's in efforts to find key models for events and photoshoots throughout the summer! Gotta be pro-avtive! So mark your calendar and spread the word! Big things goin'wan! :))

PLUS!!! BUTCH DIVA Sample Sale / Pop-Up Shop!! Email to be placed on the mailing list for it if you aren't on the mailer already! Exclusive event!... if I open it to the public, there will def be some trampling issues and I'm not trying to promote that kinda chaos! lol - so just hit me up!

ANNNND >>> I still need you!!! Interns, assistants, Sales Reps, Publicists...etc etc. BUTCH DIVA is growing @ a rate beyond my control and I just can't do it alone... no matter how many metallic super woman pull-ups I make to accomodate! So please! contact me at for further details...

And last but not least >>> Thank You Thank You! Thank You! For allll the emails, messages, and support during this crippling time for me. Not being able to share with you guys on a consistent basis has had me not only feeling soooooooo tense! But it's like a handicap! You gotta see all the new prints! All the new clients! And just all the latest inspiration feeding my membrane!! Blogging has been my crack!! So imagine being denied that "fix"!! Ugggh- I die! But trust that I'm on it!!! Just bare with me and continue to tune in! And just another friendly reminder >>> the temp blog can be seen HERE!!!

BUTCH DIVA'S Boss Lady >>> Tiffany LaStar


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