Saturday, December 1, 2007


It's no secret fashion is and always will be history repeating a days you see a lot of inspiration from 80's street culture, music, and slick styling all over the streets of NYC and from what I know - Japan...ya got everything from the bamboo earrings selling for $5 just to achieve "the look", neon leggings layered under stone wash denim, and all the over sized track jacket silhouettes and graphics in between! Its crazy!

Well known graphic designer Jon Deus and trendsetter Trin One teamed up to collaborate on the CLICHE project, bringing us a retro upgrade on the infamous leather medallions - a huge staple piece within one's 80's wardrobe, mainly worn to represent pride and culture...and now bought back for the same purpose and symbolism, in addition to being a reflection of today's trends in color and style. BUTCH DIVA has successfully used some of their pieces in styling a recent shoot, in which it def completed the look I was going learn more visit or contact

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