Wednesday, November 28, 2007


All packed up and ready to head towards the Grand Army Plaza section of BK via 5 in a Range Rover and 3 in a rented Uhaul! With a long day expected ahead, a warm up was surely needed to get the momentum goin'! Everybody personalized in THE BROOKLYN CIRCUS signature black tee @ the showroom - Front and Center, MEEE! Tiffany Lastar a.k.a (BUTCH DIVA) Boss Lady a.k.a for today THE BROOKLYN CIRCUS Stylist, from left: L.A. a.k.a "Finance", Shay a.k.a "Young Shay...we gon' make you famous kid!", Anna Christina a.k.a "Eye Candy", BKc Intern / Production Asst. Namantha, Ouigi a.k.a "The Bearded Man", Kohey a.k.a "DJ Kohey". TeeeEAMWORK!!! TeeEAMWORK!!

By the end of the day we worked up quite an appetite! Reminiscing on the experience while waiting for some good ol' Caribbean grub!!

...To see more from the actual shoot, tune in to Linkable thru Featured Friends of BUTCH DIVA to the right.

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