Sunday, November 11, 2007


I was first referred to Ashleigh by Director of Marketing and Sales for Kicksclusive Magazine, Ralph Ortiz. He knew I was on a desperate hunt for a makeup stylist for my last shoot and was kind enough to point me in her direction. There goes that "networking" I'm always talking about... After a few talks of the look I was going for, Ashleigh was confident she knew exactly what I wanted...boooooooy she wasn't playin!!! We picked her up from the station in Williamsburg, she rolled alone and ended up doing the job of a whole team! It was like a BUTCH DIVA guardian angel for sure! Although we fell way behind on schedule, in the end it was all worth it...her attention to detail was definitely what I needed for this shoot...hence my quote in life "great things are accomplished only by the perfection of minor details"...she styled the makeup, hair, and even painted the girls nails! The end result...GANGSTA PIN-UP BARBIE! Thick lashes > strong cheeks > a fierce brow > beauty marks > and fluorescent pink lips!!! AHHHHH I love it!!!

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