Saturday, November 24, 2007


BUTCH DIVA!!! Always a fan of a lil scandal, and a strong believer that controversy and sex sells! Love it or hate but it's the truth. So if you can still utilize this fact but tastefully, you may be on to something!! The first question I alwaaaaaaaaaaaaays get is "BUTCH DIVA??? what is that?" or "what does that mean?" or "whatcha trying to say with that?" and then I go on to explain to them that "BUTCH DIVA" is a way of carrying yourself, its an attitude and a psychological way of handling your business! A woman doing everything men are doing and sometimes even more successfully. Its the woman wearing the skirt and the pants in the relationship...the boss at the office...the female at the top of her game and not letting anyone who's not capable of bringing her up, bring her down! She's still very in touch with her femininity and sexuality, yet accepts her masculine tendencies. So I've become accustomed to explaining the controversy associated with what BUTCH DIVA means. But it's ok, I accept that because in the end, it still strikes interest and that's what matters!

See below of the many big names known for controversial advertising and marketing. Got your attention or don't got your attention???

Betsey Johnson at the launch of her home collection…

The infamous Calvin Klein ads that launched his career in denim…

Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci ads banned…

How crazy is this one!!!

And I couldn’t speak controversial without mentioning Mr. Tom Ford who is king of it and yet the fashion industry adores him! Can he get any bad asser with cover shot on OUT magazine and his new ad campaign for his men’s cologne.

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