Friday, November 2, 2007


Now stylist and long time friend Ricardo a.k.a. Mr. Style has developed quite a lil' reputation for himself within the industry these days. We both attended The High School of Fashion Industries together, graduating Class of 2000, and kept in touch the way some - but not all - industry folk do: randomly! Ricardo first reached out to me earlier this year with an emergency need for some stylish one of a kind pieces to style hip hop one hit wonder Lumidee for a photo shoot that was supposed to promote her comeback. Without a doubt I was happy to assist him and hopefully needless to say - he has been coming back for more ever since! I usually allow him to hold pieces for a few weeks so that he is able to make the most of them during the hectic times in which I'm not able to... See here how he has managed to mix and mingle BUTCH DIVA into his styling endeavors!

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