Tuesday, December 23, 2008


NO WORRIES > Here I am! The agenda has been hectic but you know I can't and WON'T leave YOU hangin'! I had a very successful holiday party at my diva upgraded new crib over the weekend {stay tuned for pics and the rave reviews!}, and planning for it was a doozie...ha! NOT!! I put the word out, did some food shopping, and just hoped for the best! :) And it was dope!...to say the least of course saving some for lata.

Besides that - work work work. It took a bit of a reality check from a dear friend to put things back in perspective...and now it's back to the drawing board - LITERALLY! Time to return to my roots - I'm a designer damnit! Ha. So gathering all the concepts and warming up to the sketch pad made its way back onto the agenda...

Seems as though this will be a light xmas for most of the economy... I managed to get in some shopping the other day, and with a lil bonus thrown my way today, I will pick up a few more goodies tomorrow! Lucky lil sisters I have!

Never a dull momemnt >>> phone starting to ring off the hook with everybody's custom orders for last minute new yr's dresses...the freakum ones. They come to me for that...and that too. :) Gotta make sure I keep my look exclusive tho - can't let that wild cat out the duffle bag just yet but watch out now!

All in all - just in busy bumble bee mode, constantly working towards a dream. Considering it is the holidays, allow me some time to collect my thoughts, catch up with fam, and attempt a day off...or two. Until I rotate back to my blog duties...enjoy some eye candy from my latest photoshoot set in Long Island City, Queens. Being BUTCH DIVA's Boss Lady ain't easy - but somebody gotta do it!

Happy Holidays!!!


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