Wednesday, July 30, 2008


If you're part of the blog community, then you know what I'm talkin bout right now. First off - when taking my daily stroll through the blogs I feature on here and others I come across along the way, I feel one of several emotions: 1- Is this blog my competition! 2- Where did they find that image?? 3- How can I tell a similar story if not the same, but better! and sometimes 4-why did they even bother?? I say this to say, there is a process that goes into developing a decent blog, and then maintaining it! But we would be nowhere without our dependable pal Google Images. The mere second a thought, concept, or flashback comes into my head, you better believe I can Google it, then search thru Images, and I'm sure to always fish up something visually compelling to share with you...

And that folks is how I do it. :)

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