Sunday, May 10, 2009


LIKE WOW! The past few weeks have been non-stop...and surely that's nothing I should be complaining about because I prefer to be overwhelmingly busy vs. overwhelmingly bored!! but I'm just sayin...every now and then a gal is allowed to get a lil human right. I'm still managing all responsibilities associated with running BUTCH DIVA solo. Although going out making appearances + socializing has proven to be a valuable part of the work agenda and future progression, I realize that if I didn't even make time for that, I would easily be locked in my studio just creating for days and days without seeing the light of day. Call me crazy, but I just get so caught up in it.

With most things in life, success comes with its pros and cons. The pros are pretty obvious > profit, recognition, exposure, endless opportunities, and the cons range from lack of rest and sleep, short lived relationships or no companionship at all, and lack of enough hours in the day to maintain it all...

...I will however continue to remain blessed. I'm in a position to be creative and cater to BUTCH DIVA full time and there once was a time I thought I'd never see the day. But like I've said and will continue to say - where there is a will, there is a way.

I'm willing.
Are you?

BUTCH DIVA's Boss Lady >>> Tiffany LaStar

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