Tuesday, February 19, 2008


..."Countdown to madness..." was actually part of the lyrics to one of the popular road march songs down in Trinidad ...and for me, that’s exactly what it was- the countdown! I made the bases {the body} of my costumes while still home, and saved the beading for once I got down there, and turns out that was the best idea because I was able to get a better sense of what their traditional costumes looked like in person. I had done some initial research prior to the trip and so I wasn't too far off, but now that the experience has come and gone, I know for sure the imagination can go on a creative rampage triple times over if just given the time to process it! "Splendor" is one word they use to describe it, and that great it surely was! My over-achiever tendancies kept me motivated to construct something to be a part of the festivities- and I was still at it up until minutes before leaving for carnival! Which made the experience twice as special.

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