Monday, April 7, 2008


...So outside of shopping for accessories and last minute doo dads to complete photoshoots, I haven't done any personal shopping for myself in over a year. I hit the road this weekend with bff and BUTCH DIVA muse, Krystle, to catch up on some Spring shopping and things for my new studio make a long story short, I was overwhelmed with the neon trend!!! I mean every store we went into, we were bombarded with color, Color, and more COLOR!!!! Specifically neon though, florescent glow in the dark, traffic stopping neon, for bottoms, tops, and accessories. My very last BUTCH DIVA photoshoot was shot last summer in Williamsburg and it was all about the neon colors and styling. I hadn't really seen it saturating the market then like I saw it this weekend, but I still figured I was on to something when I engaged the color, just because it looked so good! and sho' nuff...I was right on the money! I love that feeling!

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