Thursday, April 3, 2008


Dearest BUTCH DIVA Supporters,

Please pardon the delay in bringing you daily feedback and inspiration but I'm currently experiencing some technical difficulties with the internet...service has been on and off, hoping it will clear up by the weekend, but I ask that you please be patient and take the opportunnity to check out the many other sites and resources I have lsited for you on here...

To be truthfully honest, not having steady internet for the last few days has given me the opportunity to soley focus on all the paperwork that had piled up on my desk. I've also been on a office supply binge over the last few weeks stacking up on all kinds of colorful doo dads to keep me inspired while I go through this orgnaizartion process. It's been pretty cool, although I find I'm becoming just a tad anal and obsessed with being neat, it still has given me the chance to take a few steps back to follow up on lots of ideas and projects that were pending... I've done so much work over the years but kept a very casual filing system in which only I would understand. But now I realize the more offcial business gets and the more I feel organized in my home office, the more comfortable I will feel conducting business from here. So its alllllll a work in progress. There will be lots of goodies for you to catch up once things are back up and 100%...just stay tuned in!

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