Tuesday, February 3, 2009

THE "9-5".

So believe it or not - like most aspiring artists these days, I too maintain a '9-5' that pays the bills. Fortunately my '9-5' is another passion - Interior Design, and it's part-time, allowing me to make my own schedule and still focus on managing BUTCH DIVA. I work for a high-end Interior Design firm that caters to the social elite and even other designers. One of our biggest clients is in fact Liz Claiborne {now run by Isaac Mizrahi}. We re-do the sectioning decor of their showroom every market season. With a quick turn-over, we are usually the first they call to get the job done...and when I say get the job done - that translates to 'by any means necessary'!!! This one particular installation required me to sew 40 yards of heavy canvas that was over 120" in width...without cutting it because no seams allowed!!!! If you are - or know a seamstress - then you can easily understand the challenge in making this work! But who makes it happen tho? Yours truly.

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