Sunday, February 8, 2009


It's back to the drawing board...literally. After 2 seasons of styling and ful-filling custom design orders, I'm finally comfortable enough to return back to my roots. Im a designer damnit! And it's alllllllll about the bigger picture now. Getting back to sketching and my collection. For awhile now, I've been accustomed to a sampling process in which I only whip up one of a kind pieces and produce small runs of those looks for clients...basically on a made to order routine. But now I'm back to thinking bigger and better and collections bring home the 'bread and butta' when samples may only bring home the bacon. You feel me? So these are just a few snap shots of the design details I've gathered on my mood boards to get me warmed will be following me on this journey I stay tuned for more product updates!

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