Sunday, September 28, 2008


"Please tell me that you came to this! For shame if you didn't, cause Butch Diva did her thing on the sewing tip from the looks on her new line. This was a great jump start to the long holiday weekend to unwind to. And with the attendance of BD's models, dudes were quick to jump on the horn and let their boys 'Yo, it's mad dimes up in here!' Slow down playboy, it's too sexy for that. We're hungry NOT thirsty. The females that attend our functions ask for business card NOT phone numbers. DO NOT MISS THE NEXT ONE!" - The Minority Report

"Last week was world famous New York fashion week and to kick things off we attended and participated in Butch Diva's fashion show at Tamboril. Amongst the changing in the bathroom, moving around every minute to let the waitresses by, things came together and the show was a mighty success." - 718 Bodega

"Hi-Passed by your show, which I believe was around early/mid September on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn.
It was just by chance I was passing by and saw the show. Great work! Really colorful, well styled and great energy. I am assuming you will have another show corresponding with Fashion Week. If you do, please email/notify me when. Thank you and continue the great work. All the best!" - James Madison

"Tiffany - It was my pleasure! Just to remind you, I am still DYING for that white necklace! LOL. And I am also interested in the denim jacket you had me in... So just let me know how much and when I can come get'em ;)! Thanks again for a great show, I am very very proud of you. I know you are a woman of your word. You're awesome! Hope you are settled now in your new space...Thank YOU & Much Love" - Fly Lady Di


Tania said...

Looks like an awesome show! love the colors and the detail,wish you were based in LA, i would've loved to intern for you lol.Much Success to you!=)

BUTCH DIVA said...

Thanks Tania! Whenever you're in NY, look me up and I will be sure to send you back with some of your own custom BD pieces. Spread the word to your friends -, not just a label but a lifestyle!