Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It has been quite the action packed week and I ask that my dearest supporters please stand by during this time of delayed posts. Between my fashion show last week and my move this weekend, and not finding the perfect team of interns to be able to keep up, I have lots of catching up to do! If you're a full functioning fashion industry follower - then you know there aren't enough hours in the day and being soley responsible for it all comes with it's challenges.

With my move comes a delay in Internet service. I will have sooooo much to catch you up on by the end of this week - it ain't even funny! So I ask that you take advantage of all the other links provided on BUTCHDIVA.blgospot as they are on here because they provide the same daily inspiration for me that I hope I provide for you. Stay tuned!!!

BUTCH DIVA's Boss Lady >>> Tiffany LaStar

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