Sunday, October 5, 2008


I'm not accustomed to seeing prints and patterns on McQueen's runway but he successfully managed to bring a tear to my eye with these printed illusions. "McQueen's couture sensibilities are breathtaking in close-up, where the detail of flowers and birds becomes visible in lace underlayers and then echoed in lace ankle-wrappings incorporated in shoes. He also gave himself over to a long passage of bright, multicolored allover prints, engineered to fit around jackets, leggings, and cocoon dresses—new on the Paris runway, but also part of general trend emanating from London's young designers. Even as the show moved into evening and the part that symbolized the negative impact of twenty-first-century evolution, the black crystal-encrusted dresses and bodysuits never quite descended into melodrama. McQueen said he "doesn't want to preach" about such a serious subject. More likely, he wants to sell next Spring, and this collection, with its color, detail, and eased-up tailoring, looks likely to be one of his most commercially viable."-

See the rest of the collection and review here.

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