Monday, October 6, 2008


Ahhhh. 1 yr ago today I made a committment to maintain a blog and share with you all that inspires me on a daily basis. In the beginning, it was addicting. All I thought about was blogging and gathering tearsheets to share, as time passed, it became more like part of my agenda and something that just had to be done - and now it has grown into something that I absolutely love and can't imagine being without!!!

I've shared art, fashion, music, introduced you to my friends and family, highlighted trend forecasts, other brands I relate to, of course all the latest and greatest happenings with BUTCH DIVA, and more! Going forward, I plan to build my team and take BUTCH DIVA to it's next level. SOoooo many people want to see big things happen with BUTCH DIVA and without a doubt, I'm one of them!

Please continue to tune in and share this experience with me. I've boiled BUTCHDIVA.blogspot's main purpose down to being a reason to be inspired. Without inspiration - where are we going???

Join me in celebrating 1yr of discipline and giving back. Love ya!

BUTCH DIVA's Boss Lady >>> Tiffany LaStar

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff!

Just wanted to shout you out for doing an amazing job on the blog! Congrats on the journey/sucess : )