Monday, October 6, 2008


Within the hunt for the perfect team of interns, 718Bodega.blogspot's Kai reaches out to me and says she can help a few days a week, understanding I'm swamped! She stopped by the studio and we discussed all the exciting endeavors going on with BUTCH DIVA at the moment and I gave her a quick rundown of how I've gotten thus far. I strongly believe without understanding where you came from, you may never get to where you're going. So it's very important to me to have an initial meeting with anyone that I plan to work with so they can understand how important my projects are to me.

Kai is currently studying, as I did, Fashion Merchandising @ FIT. She maintains her own blog, has retail and showroom experience, and knows how to sew! So I'm like NICE! Welcome aboard! After discussing BUTCH DIVA's agenda, we sat down to file through what seemed like hundreds of tearsheets that have piled on my desk. I went through them individually with her, pointing out style, trends, and what details inspire me so she was clear on who the BUTCH DIVA girl was and how product development works.

Stay tuned on our progress. The more organized I am in my office the more comfortable I feel doing business!

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