Saturday, October 11, 2008


"This is a designer who wears a headband with the anti-consumerist message "branded" scrolled across it, the one who sends out a new muckraking slogan T-shirt each season. This time it read: "We need an estimated $30 billion per year to save the rain forest." That message inspired the show's "Do It Yourself" conservation theme. Call it bedsheet couture: Everything from Westwood's familiar asymmetrically wrapped-and-bustled dresses to the capes flung across one shoulder came in frayed fabrics that looked like they could in previous lives have been tablecloths, drapes, or shower curtains.Ghetto-fabulous dhoti pants exposed the crotches of models' boxer shorts. Girls wore headscarves as knickers. And there's not much of a retail future in a clear plastic jacket and ball skirt (embroidered in a more traditionally ball skirt-ish striped fabric)—although it undeniably had a certain undone charm. In its very madness, it was classic Westwood." -

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