Monday, April 13, 2009


Making time to socialize, hit up select events, show face, make new friends, connect with new clients, and build with my design peers is proving to be extremely neccessary in branding BUTCH DIVA. It's also gotten to to the point where I've started carrying my tape measure in my purse! The ladies run up and ask 'where did ya get that'...I say 'BUTCH DIVA - I made it" and then they spazz! They want one, and they want it ASAP. So I skip the step of making initial appt for fitting and I just measure them right there on the spot! lol. Imagine that scene! I finally got around to wearing the t-shirt dress I made out of that aztec print everyone has been hittin me up raving about. Let's just say it was a "craaaack" night dancing in it - turns out that shit glows it the dark!!! I was like WHOOAA!

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Rachie-Pie said...

I DIE! that print still gets me!!!