Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So I woke up to this letter over the weekend and now I'm open! I'm meeting with CC tomorrow and if she loves jumpsuits and prints as much as she's described, then chances are it's about to be a straight up "craaack" fest in my studio. I hope you ready CC...I even got some new goodies today!! Fiyyaaaa...:))
Dear butchdiva
i have been following your blog for a while and i just wanna say I LOVE YOUR SHIT. i really really do, everything is on point and your flavor is mad crazy and just so on it! I love they way you put everything together. First I really just wanted to write you and give you a shout out and just say keep doing what you are doing bc you are dam good at it.
BUT the reason for my email is....I am crazy for jumpsuits. so as i was scanning the internet for my next crazy party purchase I came across your blog again...and then it hit me- and i cant believe i didn't think about it before....Can you make me a jumpsuit OR maybe you already have something i can purchase...? Basically im looking for something short/tight/stretchy with some kind of animal print on it....I have attached a photo of me in a dress that i love-and ideally im looking for something similar but a jumpsuit instead but i cannot find anyone who makes anything remotely like it. I was just about to go to china town and have it sewn up before i thought of you.(photo is ridiculous it was in Vegas...seemed like a good idea at the time.... but you get the idea of the style of jumpsuit/pattern that i want:) and could you give me a guestimate of what it would cost.
Great work!

cc bursell

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