Monday, April 13, 2009


Madame Tiffany,
I would love to do an interview with you for Trace Magazine Online. As said before, I have a fashion column called Style Muse, where I highlight people, places and things as the muse(s) of great style. Of course, Butch Diva is a style that can not go unnoticed! There is a certain energy that comes with your apparel, it is garments of femininity and empowerment. That said, I wonder if you will have time to interview with me, once I get back from London? I will be back April 15th, 2009, so if interested, shoot me some of your available dates there after. I will send you all details once you confirm. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Hope your day is wonderful.

Dear Tiffany:
I produce 5 monthly video magazine television shows all about Brooklyn Neighborhoods, arts, culture, personalities and food called Neighborhood Beat. Facilitated by BRIC Arts | Media | Brooklyn, the series highlights Brooklyn's many diverse neighborhoods, including arts, culture, personality profiles, businesses and food. Each program offers historical, cultural and informative points of view unique to the neighborhood, and we now are in fourteen neighborhoods, including Williamsburg/Greenpoint, Bedford Stuyvesant, BOCOCA, DUMBO and Bay Ridge. Neighborhood Beat can be seen weeknights at 8:30pm in Brooklyn on Time Warner Cable channel 56 and Cablevision channel 69. It is also streamed on the web at that time at Click on BCAT Channel 3 launch button. You can view archived shows at: We would love to feature you for an upcoming Neighborhood Beat series we will be producing in Sunset Park. Shooting this 6 minute segment would involve brief interviews with yourself, and perhaps one or two of your clients and/or blog staff. Additionally, we would like to film some broll footage of you working and/or you at an event. We, of course, will provide you with a dvd copy of the show, after which time it will be archived on our website indefinitely. Thanks for your consideration. Please contact me, and let me know if appearing on our show is of interest to you at this time.

Kecia Elan Cole
Producer / Editor
BRIC Arts●Media●Brooklyn

Hello Ms. Rhodes,
My name is Nastasia Thompson and I am a fan of your blog. I feel as if the blogosphere has become a huge facet of the marketplace of thoughts on everything from politics to fashion. I also love your clothing and feel it is a special facet to the blog as well as the up and coming fashion world.
I am a journalist for Femme Royale, an upcoming magazine targeted toward females with a passion for all things artistic from fashion, to music, to good food. Though we've started small, we are growing rapidly and continuously. We have followers from previous publications and believe that there is a sizable fan
base. While I've already praised your art through word of mouth, I would like to spread it to new audiences through writing. I would love it if I could feature you and your blog and fashions on Femme Royale. Please let me know if this would be possible.

Thank You!
Nastasia Thompson
Femme Royale Intern

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