Thursday, April 9, 2009


With the majority of the things I put my mind to, I realize it takes the proper research and resources before going in. I'm currently developing a luxury glove that is sure to stop ya dead in your tracks...forgive me for not being able to provide too much detail but trust it is wellllllllll worth the suspense and wait. Remember that Jim Carey movie 'The Mask', and how he turned into a different alter ego character once he put that piece on his face - well it's on that level!!! lol. During this development process, I've sought out other fingerless glove concepts to see where I stand with the trend, and to get a better idea of construction...and lets just say at the end of day, I was left with a big ol' fat devlish grin on my face.. cuz not one of these gloves come remotely close to the fizziiyaaa I'm bout to hit you with! Question is - ARE YOU READY???

Paparazzi Pleasers > Kanye, Amber, Paris, Britney, Lindsay, Nicole, Ri-Ri, Ci-Ci, Beyonce, Gaga, Naomi, Kate, Whitney ....Ahhhhhz! Ya'll best'to have your stylists holla at me ASAP - if you know what's good for ya! :))

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