Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I remember dancing a few weeks ago with a friend and he was like "you know what the problem is - you know you're sexy, you know it." And my only response (after saying thank you) was like "you've gotta own it." Friends and clients that come thru the studio on a regular know damn well I'm not walking around in metallic super woman pull-ups all day, even though I'm performing super woman duties, but when it's time to rep BUTCH DIVA and handle business, there is certainly a particular mind frame I have to step into to get the job done. It's a matter of confidence but still being approachable. I think ego's are fun actually, they allow you to step into a character and out of your natural element, and even better if for a purpose... these were a few shots I snapped while getting warmed up. My alter ego is called "BUTCH DIVA" by the way.

Get into the technical definitions here.

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