Monday, March 30, 2009


I've already taken the time to answer all of these supporters, but now I thought I'd share some of their feedback with you. :)

Dear ButchDiva,
How I have survived this long without you/your blog in my life is a mystery. I've been poring over your site, and I'm curious about your sample sale going on. How much do the link chain necklaces run? Expect a shoutout on my blog, keep killin it!

Peace- i was on highsnobette and saw your stuff linked and its dope:). im an MC in a group called Misnomer with my sister who plays the violin, your shit would be so hot for us to rock on stage. hit me up please with more info, im definitely curious about all the pieces shown on your page. i think u'll find your stuff would look great on us. thanks!

Ms. Rhodes,
My name is Mariam and I was wondering if you had an internship opportunity open for communications for the summer. I'm currently a student in NY majoring in Psychology with a minor in media. My goal is to use my knowledge of people to be more effective in targeting buyers and spreading information about the future companies that would potentially employ me. I would be willing to maintain any social media you have, answer e-mails, keep in contact with clients, promote events, etc. Thank you for your time and just want to say, I love what you do!

I stumbled upon your blog yesterday, and instantly fell in love, lol. So much so that I sat and proceeded to go through all previous post in just one day! While going through your posts I saw more than a few for interns, so I decided to shoot you an email in case you were still looking. I don't have any pattern making experience, but I do have a tad bit of sewing experience which will soon expand due to my interest and help of aunts and a grandmother who are skilled. This is something I really want to do, and am determined to do so which is why your blog really hit home for me.

I am a recent fashion graduate who has been actively looking for a stylist to assist for several months. I realize that you may get a few emails from girls similar to myself telling you similar things. I also realized that styling is 60% contacts and 40% creativity, hard work, passion, patience, and personality. Lets just say I have my 40% covered. I am a extremely driven, ambitious, creative thinker who cant see herself doing anything else as a career. I am not expected to have a opportunity handed to me nor would I want that. I have a relentless work ethic and am ready to work as hard as necessary. My background is primarily in design and visual merchandising, however I have done some assisting sporadically. I hardly expect an invitation to immediately attend a shoot, rather someone to instruct, inform and nurture an emerging talent. Any opportunity or information you could offered would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. - Nieci Thomas


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