Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So in my efforts to catch up on BUTCH DIVA press, yesterday I came across this blog post from back in February, in which they interviewed a recent client of mine - Charlie. They came at her with this "RDM: I personally would call you a very fashionable and attractive young lady, what are some Definitely Amazing clothing lines you support?"

And she responded with:
"Butch Diva, I met her over the summer @ Frank White, here's this cute girl and I was like " I love your dress where did you get it from, did you get It from American Apparel?" and she was like "No, Don't you know who I am?". Since I'm so new to the scene I was like "No" to which she replied "I'm Butch Diva!". She did this fashion show @ Frank White and she dressed me in this Silver one piece jumper, and I must say it had everyone salivating. So I guess you can say I like dedicated and different designers who don't let money stop them because I'm sure it gets hard but they persevere and I can learn from that and respect that. These designers are geniuses. I'm a style a chameleon so I like it all."

Feel free to see the rest of that interview here. Thanks Charlie!! You know I got your best interest at heart! See you soon!

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