Monday, March 30, 2009


The ability to multi-task is soooooo mandatory in this business. Here I am trying to stay focused on developments for Spring 2010, but getting just a lil distracted with all the requests for color, fun prints, and custom pieces for this spring/summer 09! So do I miss out on the opportunity to accomodate and fill immediate demands for current trends, i.e leggings, jumpsuits, t-shirt dresses, hi-waisted pencil skirts, sweet-heart pull ups... OR do I stay focused on the development for next year?? Helloooo - I DO BOTH!!! Like duhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Rachie-Pie said...

OMG! what is this place!!! what is that amazing rose/aztec print fabric!! I DIEEE!!! i need that in sum form of clothing NOW!!!!

BUTCH DIVA said...

ahhhhh tell me about it! when i saw it i def died and went to heaven!!!! i got lots of it! this place is the house of spandex! lets get you in something!! hit me via :)