Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm realizing the time is coming and the time is coming fast!!! for me to give up my lil pink barbie toy lookin' phone for a 'crackberry! I get emails from supporters all the time and keeping up with them in a timely manner is important to me...which is why I need to get better and more efficient at it! I usually tend to answer them back personally, and I've also copied some of their feedback on here for you to experience with me... So I got this email the other day that read:

Hey there,
My name's emma and I'm currently an aspiring designer. I happen to come across your blog, which by the way is INSANE, I LOVE your designs and I was wondering if you could just give me any words of wisdom for a true beginner. I'm currently attending northern illinois university and I'm an accounting major (I know I know, but I'm already in the program and its too late to turn back now), I just really started to take my designs seriously and I actually want to pursue a career in fashion, I've given myself 5 years to make something happen and then I'll just succumb to the life of an accountant if nothing pans out. If you have any words of wisdom as to how to even begin such a dream I would really appreciate it!
Your new fan,
Emma A.

And to that I say:
Emma!! 1st and foremost thank you for the feedback and support! It's the fuel I need to keep on keepin on! Although you want to be a designer, I would strongly advise you still pay attention in those Accounting classes, because understanding the business and numbers is just as important as creating, and having the resources to maintain a business. In some cases, you may even be developing an idea and fine tuning for up to 5 yrs before even being given the chance to get your business off the ground. I'm actually an example of that! I've been developing my business and customer base for almost a decade now. Over the years I've observed, made mistakes and learned from them, tested different looks and products in deciding what BUTCH DIVA will stand for and what I'm offering to my customer. I've taken risks but at the same time, I've always followed my heart. I know for a fact that it's allll been a necessary trial and error experience before even getting to where I am today. I can fairly say I've never been as focused on BUTCH DIVA as I am right now, not to mention the attention and feedback I'm currently getting on BUTCH DIVA is by far the most since I've started. So you're an accounting major right - do the math as they would say! :) I've been doing this for 10 years and it hasn't been until now that I'm beginning to reap the benefits of my efforts, determination, and focus. If fashion is what you really want to do and it fulfills your passions, don't put the extra strain on yourself by assuming you have to make it all happen within a certain time frame. I know soooo many people that have rushed into starting a business just to say that they have one - and some, if not most of those businesses have failed since, because of the lack of experience, patience, and ability to follow thru and keep up with demand. Having said that, I will share my success quote with you, in which I got out of a fortune cookie..."the greatest things are accomplished only by the perfection of minor details".

Stay inspired! Stay focused! Stay determined! Follow your dreams!

Tiffany LaStar

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