Monday, March 23, 2009


Well hello there. BUTCH DIVA has been on a steady rise and moving forward with several developments at once. In the mist of it all, I am truly humbled by the feedback, emails, and praises I get while out and about. Thank you all for the continuous support and keeping me motivated to take risks, and continue to inspire.

When it comes to your inquiries, I seem to get many of the same questions during conversation, so I figured why not address some of them at once...

You ask - How long have I been designing?
..I've been sewing and designing for about 10 years now. I started while attending The High School of Fashion Industries and was fortunate enough to obtain industry gigs and clients early, so by the time I graduated and started at F.I.T, I was already whipping up dozens of custom pieces a week for a steady clientele base. Over the years, I have mainly catered to custom designing and styling, but as of recently, I realized it was time to get back to the bigger picture and figuring where I wanted to go with BUTCH DIVA and doing business...

You ask - Where can you buy BUTCH DIVA?
..BUTCH DIVA is still currently operating on a custom design basis, so you would have to contact me to have pieces made or view past samples to have something re-constructed for you. I am however currently developing Spring 2010 and will be showing a full collection to buyers this Fall. A collection that can't be denied! So you will soon have the option to shop different locations for your BUTCH DIVA purchases..Yaaay!!

You ask - How do I do it all by myself?
..Ha! I ask myself the same question all the time! I do have several interns on rotation that assist with fabric and tear sheet filing, and keeping the stylist closet in order, however everybody has their own agenda, so when it comes down to getting things done, the only person I can really depend on to do it is ME. I breath BUTCH DIVA morning, day and night, and I try to stay disciplined as far as catering to each role in bits and pieces. For example- I have to designate time to blog, to answer emails, follow up on calls in a timely manner (which I actually have to get better at), sew samples, source fabric + trims, meet with new clients, research and design, and even maintain a social networking agenda. What I would love to find more time for is my family and even a special lil companion to keep me company from time to time. :P. It sho' ain't easy but somebody's gotta get it done. As BUTCH DIVA continues to grow, it will of course be in my best interest to delegate responsibilities to a team - but currently, it's all a work in progress..

You ask - What inspires me?
..I'm inspired by many things, not to mention I tend to somehow find inspiration in everything. When it comes to Fashion, I'm inspired by the art of construction more than a name brand or designer label. I'm interested in the design concept and how the clothes fit a woman. It's always intriguing to know where a designers inspiration comes from and how they start with one idea and it develops into something completely different...believe it or not, I'm a sucker for avant garde. I'm also inspired by attitude, androgyny, confidence, and the ego and power that a woman exudes when she feels good about herself and how she looks. When it comes to art, I'm inspired by color, lots of color, and the use of lines. Adding color to your life + wardrobe can automatically make you feel 10 times better about it. And music - I'm beginning to open my mind to more diversity in music, and I then match those tunes with an ambiance which then translates to lines and patterns and individuality..

You ask - What am I currently working on?
..Ah where do I start, it's more like what am I NOT working on right now... On a daily basis, I'm using my quick sewing skills to whip up some of the latest key item trends for clients in preparation for the good weather. :) While also sourcing and developing for my Spring 2010 collection, maintaining the blog and all the responsibility that comes with keeping it fresh and true to my visions. I'm also still in the editing phases for the BUTCH DIVA comic book series, that will inevitably function as a look book and intro to the BUTCH DIVA customer. Also working with some of Brooklyn's finest on a series of events to help market our agendas while still being able to have a good time! Not to mention trying to keep up with the technical functions that come with running a business, legal structures, investments, etc. etc. Let's just say there is never a dull moment!

Feel free to hit me up with any further inquiries / comments / feedback on developments and so on and so forth. Just shoot me an email @


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